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Claim a £350 OLEV grant with each charging point

Do your bit for the environment and switch to an eco-friendly route with the OLEV grant. With the increase in the usage of electric cars, the government has commissioned a grant for electric home chargers provided by Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). If your electric car meets the eligibility, then you will be able to get a £350 off of your car charge point installation.


If you're based in England, you can claim up to £350, with £300 grants available for Scotland residents. You can save around £1,000 a year in fuel costs with a home charging point.

The Government offers businesses, charities and local authorities financial incentive to have charge points installed at their commercial premises under the Workplace Charging Scheme. You'll be provided up to £350 per socket and up to maximum of 40 sockets.

Home Charging

Business Charging

  • How does OLEV grant work?
    The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) or the OLEV Grant is commissioned by the UK Government towards contributing to encouraging people to switch to electric cars. Through this scheme, you will be eligible to claim £350 on your electric car charge point installation. Most plugin hybrids and EVs qualify for this scheme and you will be able to claim offer for one charging point per vehicle. A house is allowed to utilize the grant for up to electric charging points.
  • Do I qualify for the OLEV grant?
    You will qualify for the OLEV grant if you meet the following requirements: - Your plugin hybrid car or full electric vehicle must have been purchased after October 2016. - If you do not have a car yet, you must be able to show proof of your order. - You must have a parking facility at your house/business. - You must install and use an OLEV approved electric car charging point.
  • Which vehicles are eligible?
    Find the complete list of all the vehicles eligible for the OLEV Grant here. All full battery electric cars meet the criteria, however, only some plugin hybrid vehicles with CO2 emissions below 75g/km will be included. If you own a second hand electric vehicle, you will also be eligible for the grant provided the application for the grant is made within four months before or after receiving your vehicle.
  • Does the grant apply in workplaces/businesses?
    Yes. The OLEV grant applies for workplaces provided it has the following conditions: - Your work place has an off street parking facility. - Your employees or workers need not have electric cars to apply for the OLEV grant or installation of an electric charging point, however, the company needs to be able to demonstrate that they have a need for charging points in the future. - Your charging point must be installed by an OLEV-approved installer company.
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