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About NE-EVS

Bringing you the future. Today.

Electric Vehicles and mobility products are becoming the new environmentally friendly way of modern travel.

As experts in EV products, we are passionate about encouraging our customers to switch to electric, whether that is on the road, at home, at work or all of the above.

We specialise in providing our customers with a complete consultation process in everything electric: from helping you find your perfect electric vehicle, installing charging points at your home or work, to helping you discover more about renewable energy solutions or learning to drive electric.

Learn more about us below and get in touch with us today to switch to electric.

Electric Vehicles

We can help you find your perfect EV, brand new or second-hand. From run-around vehicles to luxury cars.

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Charging solutions

Personalised charging points at home or at work and guiding you through the entire set-up process.

Solar-powered charging

Go even greener with solar panel installation at home or at the office. 

Commercial Support

Electrify your workplace, whether you have an office space or are in a commercial industry looking to electrify your fleet.

Driving School

Learn to drive electric with our qualified instructors. Pass your test in electric style.

End-to-end Consultancy

Our expert consultants are here to guide you through and make the process easy for you, no matter how big or small your request.

Charging Network

We are developing the ultimate network in renewable charging through a photovoltaic (PV) or solar panel generated electrical grid.

Sell your EV

Ready to upgrade your EV? If you're looking to sell your old wheels, we will take control, helping you get the best price for your car

Mobility products

Electric mobility products are quickly replacing standard methods of transport, particularly in urban areas. View our range from scooters to unicycles. 

Membership perks

Exclusive offers and discounts for EV owners and NE-EVS members. 

Terms and conditions apply.

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